03 November 2009

Review: The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge in Hagerstown, MD

Meal: Sunday Brunch
Atmosphere: Pleasant
Service: Friendly
Prices: Moderate
Food: Above Average

The Fireside Restaurant and Lounge is located at 1718 Underpass Way, Halfway Boulevard, in Hagerstown, MD. It is part of The Plaza Hotel.

The Fireside includes a main dining room, a smaller dining room in the back, and a separate lounge/bar on the side. The dining room is nicely furnished (and includes a working fireplace). The table linens and cloth napkins were clean. Although not quite as elegant as the interior of Nick's Airport Inn or Aqua 103, the overall atmosphere is very nice and might be considered “fine dining” by many people.

We visited The Fireside for their Sunday brunch buffet, which costs $15.95 per person. The buffet includes a soup/salad bar, made-to-order omelettes and waffles, and a hot food bar.

Dining Companion (DC) and I were dining with a large party, but we were seated immediately. The dining room was full of patrons, and many of the tables were occupied. The service was excellent. Our server was friendly, attentive, and efficient.

The items on the salad bar included all the basics plus a few extras, and everything appeared fresh. The lettuce was crisp and the fruit salad was sweet. There was only one type of soup (beef noodle). Although we didn't partake, it appeared average.

The hot food bar included typical brunch items such as roast beef, prime rib, mashed potatoes, green beans, and baked spaghetti. The overall quality of these items was pretty good. The prime rib—probably because it was sitting in a hot pan—was a little overcooked for my taste at medium-well. The roast beef was tender and juicy, however. The baked spaghetti appeared a bit dry, and the mashed potatoes were instant rather than real. The green beans had an excellent flavor and were nicely tender-crisp. There was also a breaded, baked fish on the buffet, which DC declared was “the best scrod he ever tasted.”

The chef at the made-to-order omelette and waffle area was gregarious and pleasant. My omelette was delicious. All of the vegetables tasted fresh, and the eggs were cooked “well” (just the way I like 'em).

Dessert was also available on the buffet. Although I did not consume any, my other dining companions assured me that the sweets (pies, cake, etc.) were quite tasty.

The restroom in The Fireside was very clean, modern and well-stocked.

My verdict: The Fireside offers a tasty and reasonably priced Sunday brunch. Although there were a few low points on their hot buffet (such as the instant mashed potatoes), the overall atmosphere, service and food quality is quite good.

Tastefully Yours,

Ms. Dish

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